Seamus Fogarty - God Damn You Mountain, deluxe edition (DOUBLE CD)

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seamus album cover - small.jpg

Seamus Fogarty - God Damn You Mountain, deluxe edition (DOUBLE CD)


Lost Map Records are delighted to announce the full release of Seamus Fogarty's critically-acclaimed debut God Damn You Mountain.  Hailed for its “ghostly emotional wallop" and songs that "take your breath away” (The Irish Times), God Damn You Mountain sold-out its initial limited-edition vinyl and CD run in 2012.  It’s now available on double CD, via Lost Map, with the second disc featuring six bonus remixes - one by London experimental string duo Geese (who have performed with James Yorkston and Adem, and recently remixed for Hot Chip, Robert Wyatt and Jon Hopkins) one by The Pictish Trail, and four by Seamus himself. 

Already own the album, but want the bonus disc material?  No worries - a separate postcard download of the new tracks is also made available, allowing fans who already own the limited- edition version to digitally supplement the original release. 

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Seamus Fogarty’s soul-stirring blend of alt-folk, country, blues and electronica - performed on acoustic guitar, banjo, organ and violin, and laced with ghostly field recordings and found sounds, from the breaking of eggs to snippets of random conversations - is like nothing else in contemporary music: an intriguingly uneasy handshake between the ancient and the modern. Hailing from the west of Ireland, Seamus writes songs about mountains that steal T-shirts, women who look like dinosaurs and various other unfortunate incidents.

The delightful, hypnagogic and not a little bit strange God Damn You Mountain is Seamus's debut album. Recorded over the course of two years between 2010 and 2012, it's streaked with many different colours and textures: the lush greens of ‘Appletrees’, the flowing blues of ‘By The Waterside’, the sodden yellow T-shirt stranded atop of ‘God Damn You Mountain’. 'The Undertaker's Daughter' finds traditional guitar, bouzouki and haunting folk harmonies twisted into unfamiliar skeletal shapes. ‘Rita Jack’s Lament’ effectively remixes and folds in upon itself, all spiralling tape loops squiggling next to digital feedback and warped delay, wrapped in Seamus’s mesmeric vocals and guitar. By the final tune, ‘The Evening Lay Down Upon Us’, everything is brought full circle with Seamus teasing in samples and summoning all manner of odd noises and audio ghosts. You’ll want to play this album over and over again to be sure it wasn’t some kind of weird dream. 


It’s a wonderful, woozy mix of folk, country and blues, in which Fogarty’s weary vocals and ghostly field recordings are fused fast with the plaintive banjo, plucked guitar, organ and violin. Startlingly good” ★★★★★ – THE SKINNY

This is folk music that nods towards Irish tradition but with a dreamy, mesmerising feel all of its own; echoes of Scotland and rural Americana haunting everything. An exciting talent” ★★★★ – THE LIST




  1. Appletrees
  2. The Wind
  3. Dinny Phil's Walking Stick
  4. By The Waterside
  5. Rita Jack's Lament
  6. The Undertaker's Daughter
  7. God Damn You Mountain
  8. Little Mama
  9. The Question
  10. The Evening Lay Down Upon Us


  1. The Wind (Geese Remix)
  2. The Undertaker's Daughter (Pictish Trail Remix) 
  3. The Evening Lay Down Upon Us (Seamus Fogarty Remix)
  4. God Damn You Mountain (Seamus Fogarty Remix)
  5. Appletrees (Seamus Fogarty Remix)
  6. Rita Jack's Lament (Seamus Fogarty Remix)